Top 6 Benefits of Field Service Management Software

Posted by B. Hale

Field service management (FSM) entails keeping track of all the elements in a company’s operations in a field. It includes processes such as servicing, billing, routing, tracking of time and others. With invention of field management software, field service management has become easier as elaborated here.

1. Automation of Processes

Field service management software brings automation in a streamlined manner for the activities that are carried out in the field. FSM promotes robustness in planning and scheduling making it easy to adapt to changes throughout the processes. In doing this, it avoids all forms of cost of wasted time and frustration associated with inefficient activities and services. 

2. Increased Productivity

FSM software improves the productivity of the company. The automation of the processes means that the employees don’t have to worry about filling in data and updating the office or recording all their activities logs. The technicians and other employees are free to spend more of their time completing the actual jobs and attending to technical issues as they may arise.

3. Cost Saving

Although the initial purchasing price of FSM software is higher, it saves money in the long run. FSM software eliminates a good percentage of paper works, replaces the work orders with digital forms and substitutes comprehensive networked services and histories for filing cabinets. It also saves time for every technician resulting in an overall cost saving for the company.

4. Improved Efficiency

With FSM software, technicians are dispatched to do a job with the tasks and the best route to the site being sent to them through their phones. The requirements for that task such as parts, tools, history of service, warranties and commitments are also sent to the technicians. This ensures that everything required for delivery of timely and effective service is available. Real time communication between technicians and the office also improves efficiency.

5. Higher Degree of Accuracy

FSM software is able to consolidate all activities in a single tool. This enables for a higher data and decision accuracy. For instance, it is much easier to track the inventory with FSM software. Parts are automatically recorded once they are taken from the stock and also once they are acquired from suppliers. This promotes optimal placement of parts and inventory needs in addition to improving the relationships with suppliers. 

6. Better Responsiveness

Without field service management software, a company is put in a reactive state to all changes and situations that may arise at the field. Situations arising in the field can change dramatically leading to static degradation of work plans immediately they are generated. With FSM software which is accompanied by mobile devices, such scenarios are avoided as there is a real time communication allowing for immediate rescheduling and reorganizing the priorities.