6 Things to Consider When Choosing an Employee Time Tracking Software

Posted by B. Hale

The use of a time tracking software is beneficial to a firm that is adopting it. There are different types of the software that meet different needs. Therefore, it is critical for the company to take into consideration the various requirements that software should meet.

1. Security

A principal drawback of technology is that there is an increased of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. The information in the tracking software is confidential. Therefore, a firm should ensure that the software choice is secure. Security means that no unauthorized person can either access or tamper with the data.

2. Integration

The tracking solution that an organization chooses should be able to interface with the payroll solutions that the firm is using or wants to use. It will reduce the need for copying data from the tracking software manually and use it to calculate payroll. Interfacing is possible through an Application Programming Interface among other methods. The manual transmission is susceptible to manipulation and errors. 

3. Configuration Options

Different policies control the running of the human resource of an organization. A good tracking software should enable the management to configure it so that it can automate the implementation of the policies. For example, the software should be able to stop an employee from taking an unauthorized overtime. Also, modifying these configurations should be hassle-free. Good software is that which provides the user with many configuration options. 

4. Compliance

Different laws control company operations and they include the use of a time tracking software. It is critical that you be compliant at all times to avoid lawsuits which could be costly and damage the firm’s reputation. Therefore, when choosing a system, it is critical you ensure it has a state, federal, and other capabilities of reporting.

5. Company Size

Firms have a various number of employees depending on their sizes. The software suites are developed to handle different numbers of staff. If your business has a number that is larger than that which the system was designed to handle, you will not find it useful. Therefore, you should ensure that software you choose can handle the number of employees that you have.

6. User Experience

User experience is a significant consideration when using any technology. Just as when you download an application on your phone. A good software will make it easy to handle the timesheet due to automation. Employees in the firm should be able to navigate through the software with ease and execute tasks. Some software will have a mobile application which will enable your staff to perform some tasks using their mobile devices.